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This Guy Eats 13 Bowls Of Cereal A Day For 3 Years. Here’s How He Looks Now!

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#1 Meet Phillip

Phillip Patrick is a 19 year old guy and he was a perfectly healthy person before he left his home 3 years ago. Since he left, his diet only consists of cereal. At the moment, he consumes 13 bowls of cereal per day including over 138 pounds of sugar.



Here is a rough estimate of his daily food intake. If he has eaten 13 bowls of cereal every day for 3 years, that means he has eaten around 14,235 bowls of cereal. 6 boxes of cereal and 15 pints of milk last him only a week, while 5 kg sugar only lasts him 9 days. On top of that, he also drinks tea, where he includes 6 sugar cubes per cup.



It’s no secret that such a diet can not only mess up the digestive system, but also his entire body.

During these 3 years, his weight increased from 96 pounds to a whopping 210 pounds, which is almost three times the initial weight. Phillip has recently become a father and he is now worried about the consequences of this eating habit. He has consulted several doctors to learn how he can get rid of this addiction.



People probably think that this is completely harmless. But such drastic diets can be dangerous to the body. Not only will this increase the risk of heart diseases, it also causes several other problems.

Cancer risk can increase dramatically. Also, your sex life will be hampered. Due to his addiction, he only eats dessert at restaurants and nothing else. As a result, he and his wife rarely go out anymore which has taken a toll on their sex lives.



Phillip has acknowledged this problem and is willing to make several changes to his lifestyle to get rid of this addiction.

Philip only eats cereal while watching TV shows and tries to keep them away at other times. However, this has made him extremely moody, a common side effect of trying to get rid of addiction.

Hopefully, Phillip will be able to solve his problem and return to his normal life soon.


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