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10 Weird Things A Girl Notices When She Visits A Guy’s Room

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If you are thinking about going to your guy’s room for the first time, this is the perfect article for you. You might be worried about what you are gonna find there, and that’s why this article will help a lot. You will know what you should expect and don’t forget to carefully check these top 10 things which will help you understand a lot more about your guy.

1. Is the floor a wardrobe?

Normally, we stuff everything into the wardrobe. But most guys don’t do that. For them, the floor itself is the wardrobe. You might be angry at first but don’t be, your guy is still a bachelor and he is just enjoying life to the fullest.

Advice:  Instead of getting angry, remain calm and support him.


2. Completely clean room? Something fishy is going on.

If you find a clean room, don’t fall for it. He is trying to get romantic with you, and that’s why he arranged his room so perfectly.

Advice: Try to act innocent and make sure he doesn’t understand you have understood his trap!


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3. Time for your detective nose

Check if you can smell any girl’s perfume in his room, which should raise doubts in your mind.


4. Take a look at his wardrobe

The wardrobe can reveal several secrets about a guy. You can understand a lot about his dressing style. See if you two have similar fashion styles. And maybe you will also find something of your interest in the wardrobe!


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5. Check the bookshelf

Is he a book worm? What kind of books does he read? Trust me, his reading habits can be of critical importance if you want to understand him better.


6. Go through his movie collection?

Movies can also reveal a lot of information, so keep your eyes wide open


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7. Notice his reaction to you looking at his stuff

Observe how he reacts and whether he is calm or is he freaking out.


8. Check the posters on the walls

The posters will definitely catch your attention the moment you walk in.


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9. Check the alcohol bottles

Their number and condition will real whether he is a casual drinker or an addict.


10. Ask his friends

If you get the opportunity, don’t forget to ask his friends what your guy is like


Remember these points the next time you visit your guy’s room.


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