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10 Numbers You Don’t Want To See In Your Girlfriend’s Phone

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Being in a relationship is awesome. But at the same time, you have to stay cautious as well. Check out the 10 numbers that you definitely don’t want to find in your girlfriend’s phone.

Her Ex-boyfriend

Most girls claim that they are still only friends with their ex, but that rarely happens in reality. Of course, if they have broken up recently, they might still have some unfinished business, so you can definitely trust her. Also, if they have kids, it’s a different issue altogether, since they have to communicate with each other to decide when their children should visit their mother and their father. But that should be the only reason why she has his number. Of course, it’s possible that she just forgot to delete his number, but that will definitely plant the seed of doubt in your mind.

Your ex-girlfriend

This is even more disturbing than having her ex’s number. Why would she have your ex-girlfriend’s number? It is possible that they are close friends, and if that turns out to be true, you need to back out immediately. In case, they are not friends, you need to find out how they became friends. Also, they probably discuss about you only, which is definitely annoying.
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Ray’s Pizza

There is definitely something fishy going on. You know very well that she never preferred pizza and on top of that, you have never heard about this place called the Ray’s Pizza. In most cases, it turns out that this is some person she is close with and doesn’t want you to find out, so she used a fake name. However, it is definitely possible that it is a pizza place, but still you need to sure that she isn’t doing anything behind your back.


This one is a bit different. Of course, it’s not wrong to visit a psychiatrist, in fact it’s actually great that she has acknowledged her problem and is trying to solve it. But there are chances that she is crazy. You probably should try to check her medicines if you see this number, and be sure.
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Your parents

There’s definitely nothing wrong if your girl often communicates with your parents. But she probably doesn’t need their number for that. She can talk with them on various occasions, and if she really wants to talk with them, she should ask you to call them. A major possibility is that your mother and your girlfriend have become close friends and she is often sharing certain secrets with her which definitely should have never been revealed. Of course, when you are married, these facts don’t apply but for the time being, you probably don’t want to see their number on her phone.

555 numbers

This is the strangest of them all. Phone numbers in the earlier movies all used to start with the area code 555. If you find such numbers in her phone, she probably isn’t sane or maybe she is from a parallel universe. You probably don’t want to know the actual reason.
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Your roommate

This one has no logical reason. Why would your girlfriend have your roommate’s phone number? They barely know each other and only talk when she comes to your house. This one will continue to disturb you for a long time, so it’s better to just ask her the reason. Obviously, you should just hope that this never happens to you.

Your best friend

This could be either weird or fine depending upon who your best friend is. If your best friends is a female, things are probably fine, although she might be revealing several secrets about you. And if he is a male, then things might go wrong. In the end, you might lose both your girlfriend and your best friend.
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Your brother

This is even weirder than having your parents’ numbers. To be honest, she should only talk to him at various events and not chat with him on the phone. If she really wants to talk with him, she should ask you to ring him up. You definitely don’t want this to happen to you.

Your boss

There is only one logical reason why she should have your boss’s number and that is you both work for the same company under the same boss. If that is not the case, it is also possible that she wants to join your company and surprise you but chances of that happening are miniscule. If you find out that she tried to talk to your boss about you, irrespective of what they talked about, you should immediately breakup. Otherwise, you might end up in big trouble.
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