29 Genius Test Answers So Wrong They’re Right

Funny yet genius answers for test questions by genius kids

An example of risk

drink wine

solution for over population

write “or”

Grown ups are weird, because

strongest force in the earth

what ended in 1996 ?

three things to do in future



this is how you convert centimeter to meter

best estimate for the length of a football

When he want to be an a55hole

because I’m smart

this situation

How I look after 100 years

I don’t know, I’ll tell you tomorrow

here it is

free press

yeah we use math to find answers for math problems

I am a freeloader

Here is my comment about this class


classification of living things- Racism

This how you expand a math problem

At the bottom, yeah.

He is a big nerd..

you should not hit the dogs..

What would you say to Abraham Lincoln ?