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Relationship Ending Texts – She Sent This To Him.. His Response?

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Relationships can be pleasant at times, but it is also difficult. This is true especially if your partner is an intelligent one or a rather hot one. In that case, you need to carefully make every move in your steps and analyse them carefully or they can mean the end of that relationship. And you will be regretting that decision for ever.

Just consider an example – a boy broke up with his girlfriend recently and then texted her that he is finally over her. However, the girl then sent her the hottest selfie that she has ever taken after her breakup and sent it. Then asked him if he was still over that. We are pretty sure the boy will be regretting that decision forever.

Check out these other relationship ending texts below and hopefully you will realise which mistakes to avoid during a relationship.

#1 Over These?

That was a low low blow…she KNOWS he’ll never be over the puppies!


#2 Pissy Breakup

Your a pisser AND you listen to Blink 182?! Dude, you were just begging to be dumped!

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#3 Happy Break-Up-Iversary!

Why even take the time to text your ex, unless you’re still not over it!


#4 Don’t Panic

Whew, it’s girlfriend #3, not you!

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#5 Hahah JK

We can sooo hear the nervous laugh through the text…


#6 Poor Dani

But it does sound like that’s a personal experience he’s been through….

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