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Important Message About Self-Acceptance By Teenager Now Viral On Facebook

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Brittany, a teen girl, was in a relationship but she wasn’t happy. Her boyfriend didn’t love her, instead he told her each and every flaw that he found out in her. He often used to tell her hurtful words like “ugly”, “fat” just to embarrass her. Brittany knew that she needs to get out of this relationship, yet she couldn’t gather the courage to leave him.


Ultimately, this abusing took such an extreme turn that Brittany completely lost her self-confidence. In fact, when her boyfriend broke up and started dating another “more beautiful” girl, she believed it was her fault. People all over the world fall victim to such mental abuse and often choose a path of self-hate and start having suicidal thoughts, but Brittany was smart and didn’t choose that path, instead she posted an important message about self-acceptance on Facebook. That post has now gone viral, with thousands of people sharing this message.


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“You used to tell me how ugly I appear when I keep my hair long. You preferred girls with longer hair, and that’s why I used to keep boy-cut hair. You told me that I look ridiculous after I decided to dye my hair red, and that’s why I reverted back to my original blonde color. “

“You used to laugh me if I wore any makeup, so much so that I completely stopped applying any makeup. You disliked tattoos and piercings, so I used to put away my belly button ring when we were together. I didn’t even get more tattoos. You also used to laugh at my stretch marks, so I tried to hide them as much as possible.”


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“You never failed to inform me when I gained the slightest weight. I panicked and started dieting aggressively. After a while, my self-confidence was completely gone.

I always tried to present myself the way you wanted. Still you left me for someone you thought was more beautiful than me. I used to think that all of this was my fault. But not anymore, now I know the truth.”


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“The truth is that we were never meant to be together. You were nowhere near my league. You were the one who wasn’t good for me. And that’s why I have transformed into that girl I always wanted to be. My hair is now long and red, I have got more tattoos and piercings and I also apply makeup nowadays. Not only that but I also eat according to my wish without any restrictions and my weight is now a healthy 135 pounds. Oh, I don’t hide my stretch marks anymore.”


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“My self-confidence has been restored. It was my fault that I allowed you to take control of my life, that I become vulnerable for just one guy. In fact, what is even more embarrassing is the fact that I couldn’t realise this sooner. Still, I now have understood my fault and I am completely over you.”

This important message by Brittany applies to all such teenagers out there. It is surprising that she has understood this despite being so young. Her Facebook post has already become a source of inspiration for thousands of people all over the world.


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