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Starting March 1st Asking For Nudes Will Be Against The Law, You Could Be Fined Up To $500,000

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Sɛxting has become quite popular nowadays, especially among teenagers and young adults. These have cause more problems to be honest. Sɛxting scandals occur frequently nowadays and this sort of news always catches the public’s attention.


It was essential that the United States Government took some action to prevent this. That is why the Supreme Court has decided to ban sɛxting throughout the country. This is now a punishable offense.

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Any sort of messages which indicated the sender asking for nude pics can land him or her in jail anywhere from 2 to 5 years or even a fine up to $500,000. In fact, these scandals are not restricted to normal middle class teens, celebrity teens like Justin Bieber also had to face similar incidents.

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For celebrities, it’s even more bad news since people are more willing to share nude pics of celebrities than normal people. This damages their reputation and public image.

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The main problem is that no one has to show any age verification on social sites. Even a 40 year old guy could claim himself to be a teenager online and then request others to send them nude pictures. These incidents had to stopped; hence sɛxting will be completely banned from 1st March. So make sure you don’t ask your partner for nude pics since that might land you in jail and you might be charged as a sex offender.

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