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Farting frequently is a sign of good health!

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I am pretty sure what you are thinking – how can this be good? After all, farts are notorious for bringing you embarrassment in public places and in front of strangers. But the truth is they actually denote that your eating habits are in the proper direction. And this has been the observation of several specialists all over the world.

According to these experts, people who eat whole grains have a tendency to be more flatulent. On the other hand, others who don’t prefer whole grains tend to feel more bloated, which in turn tires them easily.



Whole grain foods consist of all the naturally occurring nutrients within the seed, while these are removed from non-whole grain foods. Mainly, fibre and vitamins are absent in these non-whole grain foods.

Their effect has been researched for a long time. Recently, another study was done on 75 participants to verify how effective these whole grains actually are. Some people were given whole grain foods, while others had non-whole grain foods. Whole grain food took a longer time to pass through the stomach compared to the others.



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Stine Vuholm from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark commented that although farting might be awkward in public places, but they are actually good for your health. Also, it is necessary to get rid of the air or else that person will feel bloated and might even experience stomach-ache.

In fact, they might have other benefits too – some studies have shown whole grains can reduce risks of stroke, diabetes and heart diseases. They might also help during dieting.


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