Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Father perfectly shuts down kid who asks for allowance advance

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A 6 year old kid in Missouri asked his father to increase his allowance and got a hilarious reply from his Dad, which will also teach him a lesson about finances. He asked for a $20 increase in his allowance, and his father rejected it by offering him a rejection letter than too from a bank named “DAD Savings and Loans”! The tagline is even more hilarious – “Because, apparently I look like I’m made of money.”

The letter clearly states that a unreasonably high amount of money ($80.00) has been spent for entertainment purposes after Christmas. Moreover, the bank has noticed that he often doesn’t do his chores.

And guess who the dispute manager of this bank is – none other than the kid’s mom! Check the letter below.

This picture was posted on Reddit a few days ago, and has become extremely popular, gathering over 5 million views. We must say that the father has done a great job!


Source: Imgur

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