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New “Child Support Card” Controls What Mothers Can and CANNOT Buy With Child Support Money

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Child support card is a concept lately developed by the state of Delaware, United States, focussing on paying only the child related expenses like school, food etc. It prevents the parents from misusing the funds that is for the children, alone.

Now don’t tell us that no mother can do such a thing by misusing child support money for her own benefits. Well if you are that naive, then this article is just for you. Believe it or not there are some people, who, for the sake of their own fulfilments of demands, use a child as a source of income.

Tasha Brown was one of the first persons affected by this change. She was unable to buy a bottle of Hennessy from a local liquor store. According to her, that money belongs to her and she should decide what she will buy with that money.


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This card will act as a barrier for such kind of wishes. It will not allow the parent to purchase alcohol, cigarettes or pay any other kind of bill. The sole purpose of this support card is for the better upbringing of a child in terms of health, education, and mental stability.

If the programme is successful in the states of Delaware, the government might apply it nationwide thus controlling its usage.So, this goes out to all the mothers, it’s time to forget about that new car you were going to buy, and start planning for your child’s future, for your own betterment.


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