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51 Year Old Mother Helps Daughter In Bringing Grandchild

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Meghan Holliday dreamt of becoming a mother when she got married. In fact, she would sometimes even insert pillows in her clothes to appear pregnant when she studying in fifth grade. However, unfortunately, she was born without a uterus, a rare defect and couldn’t give birth to a child as a result.

She realised that the only possibility to have a child was a surrogate, but when she and her husband went to the doctor, they came to know that it was too expensive; it would cost a minimum of $60,000.

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Meghan was heartbroken. One day, she was watching Oprah. In that particular scene, a 63 year old lady was seen to bring his grandchild. This is when Meghan thought that her mother might be able to help her.

This would be difficult since her mom was already 51 years old. However, through IVF, she brought her grandchild to this world, giving her daughter the most precious gift – motherhood. Meghan realized how important her mother was and she started valuing her even more. She is extremely grateful to her mother for her help.

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