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Strangest Marriage Rituals Around The World

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Marriages are supposed to be one of the best things that can happen to both genders. Celebrations, cutting the cake, inviting guests, dancing – these are the normal customs and rituals that usually take place in a wedding. But some parts of the world do things differently. These are strange and some are extremely bizarre. Take a look at these rituals below. Note that these might even make you a bit uncomfortable.

East African tribes

In many of east African tribes, there is a ritual that girls in this tribe are forced to stitch everything except a small opening for urine and for menstrual blood in order to prevent them from sex before marriage. Source


In Brazil, men compete to to have sex with women by giving them expensive gifts. Source


In Ghana, widows need to spend a night with any stranger, otherwise the spirit of deceased husband won’t leave her. So widows are forced to stay with strangers in order to keep them away from the spirit.Source

New Guinea

In a New Guinean tribe, they won’t allow girls and boys to share meal together before marriage. But they allow to have sex at age of 6-8 years for girls and 10-12 years for boys. strange ritual na ?Source

Cook Islands

In Cook Islands, boys have sex at age of 13 with elder women to learn about it. Elder women will help young boys to learn about sex and to last longer in sex and methods to please their partner.Source


For kreung tribe in Cambodia have a special tradition, special huts are made for young girls to have sex with guys. They spend nights with different guys until they find a suitable partner for them. Then they can live together. Divorce is illegal there.Source

Sambian tribes of New Guinea

The Sambian tribes of New Guinea have a very strange tradition. They keep young men away fro women till marriage. They will be forced to swallow the semen of the tribe’s mightiest warriors. They thinks it’s required for man’s growth.Source

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