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Mom Gives Birth To Identical Twins, Then Doctors Realize The STUNNING Truth

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It’s really a happy moment when doctor says you are going to have two babies not just one. Same thing happened to this couple as well. The young couple Richie and Danielle were told that their unborn babies shared an amniotic sac in Danielle’s womb.But surprising thing is not that, they found it out only after they were born.

#1 Excited Parents!


Interestingly, One baby’s internal organs like liver, heart, spleen etc placed opposite side of other baby. Lucas and and Louie were DAYS away from being c onjoined twins after they were conceived. Mirror-image twin means the two siblings are the complete opposite of each other, causing a mirror affect when they are face to face.Source


Louie and Lucas are the defintion of “twinning,” as they are an extremely rare type of twin. In fact only a quarter of twins are born as mirror images.Source


There are many attributes which can come from being a mirror twin, such as writing with the opposite hands, birthmarks on opposite sides and the pattern of your hair being different.Source


They are now two and living life to the fullest – wild and fun like any other toddlers. “The bonding and the closeness of them is unreal to watch,” their dad Richie says.Source

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