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Family Loses Three Children In Car Accident, Then This Miracle Happens After 6 Months !

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Lori and Chris Coble faced a gruesome accident when in 2007, Lori’s car was hit by a truck while driving their children – Emma, Kyle and Katie home. The truck’s dimensions were huge, all of the 40,000 pound of merchandise in it hit the back of the car. At the time of impact, the truck’s speed was 70 mph.


Lori became unconscious at that time. Her children and Lori were moved to separate hospitals. Chris soon came to know about this. Chris had to face the news that their children couldn’t be revived. Lori obviously broke down completely when her husband told her what happened after she regained conscious.


The parents then decided to seek justice and filed a case against the truck driver, Jorge Miguel Romero. The driver was known to have broken speed limits earlier as well, and he didn’t oppose the charge.


Chris reported that there was a huge flaw in the truck industry. The drivers were paid money proportional to the distance driven. Hence, for most truckers, more miles covered equals more money, which in turn forces them to drive faster. They protested against this policy hoping they can prevent such accidents in future.


6 months later, they got pregnant with triplets – two girls and a boy, which was similar to their children before. The couple believed that their deceased children definitely had a hand in this miracle.


They named their children – Jake, Ashley and Ellie, who turned 7 in May, 2015. To the couple, this is nothing short of a miracle.


The loss of their children can never be filled, but the birth of the triplets have definitely helped them handle this situation better.

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