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10 Surprising Dating Tips For Clueless Men

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#1 Wear Clean, Wrinkle Free Clothes

No dressing from your dirty hamper. If you can look as cool as this little dude, do it.

#2 Don’t Overdo It

Don’t overdo it with any of the above or anything else. Gushing over her may make you seem desperate. No asking her “will you accept this rose” just yet.
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#3 Compliment Her

Give her a compliment or two about how she looks or something she says. It goes a long way.

#4 Be Prepared To Pay

Be prepared to pay on the first date. It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but trust me, it will win you points.
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#5 No Wandering Eye

Keep your focus on your date. The best way to lose her is to start looking around the room and at other women.

#6 Smell Good

Smell is a major attractor. Don’t take a bath in your cologne, but a shower and a spritz will have her purring.
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#7 Be Prepared

Do your homework before the date. A girl likes a guy who has some options as to what they can do on their date, or even if they have something planned ahead of time.

#8 Keep It Casual

If it’s the first date, keep it casual. Nothing is more daunting than a three-course meal with someone that you may not click with.
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#9 Mind Your Manners

Manners count. No burping, eating with your mouth open or putting your hand down your pants. And if you want to throw in some opening of doors, it can’t hurt.

#10 Be Confident, Not Cocky

There is a big difference between having confidence and being cocky. Confidence is holding your head high, smiling, and feeling comfortable with her. Cockiness is strutting your stuff, trying to prove yourself, and making it all about you.
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