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Flat Earth Believers Still Exist And They Blame NASA for Your Ignorance

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In the earlier days, people used to believe that the Earth was not spherical, it was flat. However, this belief was proved false after the age of the Roman Empire. We will obviously think that now everyone believes that the earth is spherical, especially because we have pictures of Earth from Space.


However, some people never ever give up; they will always stick to their beliefs, no matter how much proof you present to them. Recently, a Reddit member named “doodah360” posted in the “TIL” (Today I Learned) section about this topic. According to his post, some people still believe that the Earth is flat and NASA is responsible for keeping this a secret; they have surrounded the earth with an ice wall to prevent any suspicion.

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What’s even more surprising is that these people are well educated, and have even formed a group which has been christened the Flat Earth Society. They even have their own website where there are videos which prove that the proofs that the Earth is not flat are wrong. There is also a wiki as well as an online petition requesting Google to create a doodle for them on the 1st January of 2016. There are other groups as well such as the International Flat Earth Research Society.

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It’s rather difficult to imagine they can even believe this – they not only think of this as a conspiracy, they think that all the major governments in the world are working in unison to stop people from knowing the truth.

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The wiki section of their website present certain facts about the flat earth which have been discussed below.


  1. Appearance of Flat Earth

The flat earth should look similar to a coin, albeit a huge one. Near the boundaries of that coin, a gigantic ice wall is present, which can be anywhere from 150 ft. to 1500 ft. tall. This ice wall is crucial to keep the oceans on the surface of the planet. In fact, they believe that this ice wall is actually Antarctica. They think that no human being has yet gone beyond that ice wall, and that some mystical creature stays there which is extremely dangerous to us, so the oceans are protecting us from it.

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  1. Proof of Flat Earth

Some of the members of the group have conducted certain experiments to prove they are right. However, most people rely on their intuitions. Some of them think so because when they look at anything on the Earth, it seems flat. This is proof enough to them that the Earth if flat.

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  1. What About Photographs Of Round Earth From Space?

The group believes that these photographs are fake. Edgar Allan, one of the members of that group, said that no one should completely believe in something they didn’t see and hear themselves. Hence, the photos of round Earth are fake to them, since they believe photographs can be easily changed or morphed.

They even added that sometimes other effects also come into play such as barrel distortion or distortion from atmosphere which can make the earth look round instead of flat.

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  1. Why No One Else Believes This?

The group believes that NASA is responsible for keeping this truth hidden from people. In fact, they think that NASA is also trying to cover up many other things. These include the moon landings, which they believe were completely false. Yes, according to them, Neil Armstrong wasn’t the first man on the Moon.

NASA isn’t alone in this regard, powerful government agents from all over the world have come to their aid to insert this though of a round Earth into the public minds. According to them, we never really launched into outer space.

But why would NASA do such a thing? Well, they believe that NASA decided to create all these fake space programs and news because they were ashamed to admit that they do not possess the technology to launch into outer space. They still haven’t gone to space to this date.

However, NASA thinks that the Earth is round. There is no reason behind this thought- they just believe that and will go to any extent to prove this. Maybe this happened because when NASA was formed people already used to believe that the Earth was round and they just found it would be easier to go with the norm rather than choose the truth that the Earth is actually flat.

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