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If You Ever Notice Your Kids Sitting Like THIS, Stop Them Immediately! The Reason is SHOCKING !

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Kids are often seen sitting in this position shown above. This position is known as “W” sitting position. It probably seems harmless to most people, but doctors have reported that this position isn’t healthy for a kid, especially if he or she is very young.


This position is stressful to our hips, ankle and knees, which is obviously detrimental to the postural systems. Kids, who are still undergoing the growing phase, will be effected more. They won’t be able to balance properly or shift their body weight quickly, leading to various orthopaedic problems. This condition is also known as “trunk rotation”.

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Parents should take immediate action if they find their kids in this position. Prolonged duration of sitting in this position will lead to immature postural development, making any task which requires balancing difficult. For example, the kid will have significant difficulty in catching a ball.

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It will also lead to less core strength, tightening of the leg and hip muscles. This can give birth to a condition known as “pigeon-toe”, and can cause immense pain in the back and hips later in life.

Hopefully, now that you have been informed about this condition, you will be able to take better care of your kid.


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The video below will inform you of the physiological dangers of allowing your child to sit like this. We hope you found this useful.

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