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10 Signs You’re Dating A Woman, Not A Girl

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Nobody want relationship with a girl these days. Everyone are looking for a woman to date.  Women can act younger than girls, but girls can’t act like a woman. It is about the way they act. women and girls see things in an different ways.It is not very easy to find a good woman but you can see girls everywhere.
How can you differentiate between a girl and woman ? Not easy but these tips may help.

1) Skin-showing vs. self-knowing

Most girls will be attention seekers. They try to get attention in all possible ways. They don’t care to show their skin for it. Whereas real woman, want respect rather than attention. A woman know her values and will be confident about her looks and she will shine in any dress she wear.


2) Fantasy vs. reality

Girls live on their own dreamland she don’t care if it is possible for her or her spouse. Reality wont cross her mind easily. Whereas real woman live with reality. she can distinguish between fantasy and reality.

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3) Dependent vs. independent

Girls try to depend on you for everything. She don’t try to achieve anything independent. But if she is a woman she will try to be independent as much as possible and try to help you as much as she can.


4) Capacity matters

A girl will go wild at a bar each and every time she is let lose. She’ll chug down all the alcohol as though her life relied on upon it and turn wild. A woman, then again, knows how to hold her alcohol. This doesn’t imply that they don’t drink. They do. In any case, they are dependably in control.

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A girl let the world know everything related to her. She may update every simple things on her facebook. But a real women will be busy with her real life and stuffs. She don’t want to reveal her stuffs to everyone.


6) Junk TV and a good read

I don’t say women don’t watch TVs but she don’t watch every junk shows out there but she will be picky about the programs they watch. They will also find time to get info from books and papers.

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7) Blabbering and talking are two different things

Girls are terrible at holding important discussions. Not by any stretch of the imagination stunning, however, there is just so much garbage TV can show you. women have more of their own ideas, thoughts and conclusions. They are very much aware and adequately state-of-the-art. Girls are exhausting. Women are captivating.


8) Eat to live or live to eat?

Girls will always want to eat something for themselves when they are out with their men just to indicate how health conscious they are. What’s more, they will all the time chow down all that he ordered for himself. Women, then again, eat steadily in light of the fact that they regard their body.

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9) Existing and living

Girls still think that just a man can show to them their way and make them understand their one genuine motivation behind living. They squander away their whole life planning to find that man. They don’t live. They simply exist. Women are not all that silly. They do their best to see the world, experience it, meet new individuals, learn new things, make new recollections, experience their lives minus all potential limitations.


10) Help!! Or help?

Girls like to sail along their lives, continually searching for presents. They deceive themselves into trusting that they are fragile creatures who need security from the ruthless world. women know how to deal with themselves and individuals around them if the need emerges. They know how to assume responsibility.

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