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A Little Boy Came Into Her Store With A Strange Request For Christmas. This Is Heartbreaking.

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I am an employee of a party store. A few weeks before Christmas, a little 8 year old boy came and asked me whether I have any Christmas decorations. He insisted that he needs some cool decorations.

I asked him if he had something special in mind that I should show. He replied that he would like a big Christmas tree decorated with stockings, as well as presents. He was going to gift them to his neighbours, he added.

“Wow, all of that for your neighbour? May I know the reason why you want to gift them so much?” I asked.

I was a bit taken aback by his reply. He said that their Dad passed away recently, so they won’t be celebrating Christmas this year. That’s why he would like to give them these presents. He even convinced her mother to give her a few dollars.

I was almost about to cry after hearing this. I never imagined that I would hear something so heart-warming from a kid. I showed her a few stockings and trees, and then enquired how many kids his neighbour has.

Three was the answer, and he also told me the name of his best friends. In fact, he told me that he had asked Santa Claus to bring him an Xbox but later realised Santa might be busy so he was going to gift him the Xbox himself.

I told my manager the whole story and asked her if we could help him in any way. He informed that he had already heard everything from the child’s mother. After the neighbour’s husband died in an accident, the wife has to support the entire family. We gave a discount of 50% on everything they purchased and even added free toys as well as stockings.

The mother told us that she will be giving both her child and his best friend an Xbox each. This will be a major surprise for the kid. She even added that her child even asked them to come celebrate Christmas with them. The mother was really glad that we helped and thanked us before leaving.

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