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6 Year Old Russian With Heart Outside Is A Miracle Survivor

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Russian 6 year old Virsaviya Borun, who was born with her heart and intestines outside the abdomen and chest, is a miracle survivor. Even after being born with such a rare and dangerous disorder, she is still alive and her life is going pretty well, which is nothing short of a miracle according to doctors worldwide. It is often said that children are honest and always optimistic, maybe that is why her heart is still beating.



Virsaviya was born with an extremely rare disorder called thoraco-abdominal syndrome or as it is popularly known, Pentalogy of Cantrell. This disease is estimated to occur in one in a million children. As a result of this, her vital organs like heart have grown outside the cavities. Her heart is protected by a thin layer of skin, and one can clearly see the outline of the heart from the outside. However, this miraculous child is still living and can even do splits.


Her mother is constantly trying to provide her the latest medical treatments, hence she has moved to the USA from Russia. Most hospitals, however, are refusing to treat her. These cases are extremely complicated, and it would be risky to operate on her. One of the doctors commented that her aortic pressure was too high for any kind of operations. Her mother hasn’t given up yet; she has now moved to Hollywood for another chance.


A huge fan of Beyoncé, Virsaviya loves animals such as dogs and dolphins. She also has an interest in drawing. She cannot attend school, but she wants to continue learning at home. She also wants to learn ballet dancing.


She is given the tag #VirsaviyaWarrior on Instagram, which is completely justified. We hope that she always remains such a brave girl, and her operations can successfully help her return back to normal life.


Source : Instagram

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