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Texas high school math teacher arrested over ‘sexual contact’ with 17-year-old students after ‘seducing one at ministry event’

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Texas high school math teacher is charged over alleged sexual relationship with two 17-year old students. Haeli Wey, a 28 year old math teacher of Westlake High School in Austin was arrested on Thursday after one student told  they had sex approximately 10 times after she seduced him during Christian training program. Other student claimed he went on a hike with her and admitted kissing her in a hammock in September, according to KVUE.

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First student said he slept with her during August and September and had sex at least 10 times. He broke with her after finding about second love interest.

According to Laws of Texas, the charge covers engaging in ‘sexuaI contact, sexuaI intercourse, or deviate [anaI or oraI] sexual intercouse’ with an enrolled student.

The second-degree lawful offense can be jailed with as much as 20 years in jail.

Wey went with the student and his family to Africa, where the relationship proceeded before foundering after they got back.
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The allegations became exposed in October when a student informed school chairmen about cellphone messages between Wey and a student which caused an investigation.

Wey was removed from her occupation in late October, before being formally charged this week.

As indicated by the Eanes Independent School District, which runs nine Texan schools including Westlake High, Wey passed interviews before being hired.

Source : dailymail

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