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Meanwhile At Walmart – These Photos Will Make You LOL!

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Some bodies are better off with leaving a little more for our imagination. . . What do you think?

Have you noticed there’s a theme amongst Walmart shoppers? . . . A LOT of exposed “flesh”.

Somehow though . . . Umpa Lumpas are much cuter as original little midget people.

She OR he was found. . . Where else? In the Walmart’s cleaning supply department.

To say the least, that’s a lot of “hair”, and we’re a little scarred for her to turn around.

You may think going to Walmart is a costume party, but some people really do dress this way. . . Only at Walmart does a furry pimp buy food.

These gal’s attempt at what looks like modern “cavemen fashion” is quite interesting, although you wouldn’t see this look in Vogue.

These two are definitely a couple. . . Can’t imagine what their home life is like?

Often crossdressers will start by wearing underwear belonging to the opposite sex, because it’s hidden. BUT if this guy is trying to be subtle, he’s missing the mark.

No, you may first think she is when glancing quickly. . . then you notice it’s just a case of saggy boobs.

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