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Five Times When Sex Turned Out To Be Dangerous This Year

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This will probably sound weird to you when we say that something as exciting and natural as sex can be life threatening too. This is no joke, although some people will probably find this to be hilarious. It definitely feels strange even imagining that people have died while they were making love, which probably proves the fact that sex doesn’t give you pleasure, it can be painful too at times.

The following is a list of 5 incidents which have occurred this year when sex turned out to be dangerous.


In August, a French couple died near the English Channel, after trying to make love on the walls of a fortress. They could not maintain their balance and fell into the moat at the Vauban Fort, leading to their death.

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This incident took place in November, 2015. Charles Mackenzie, 67 and Dorothy, 63, a Canadian couple breathed their last in a hot tub in a Mexican resort while having sex, as reported by Canadian Press. The husband had a heart attack, which eventually led to the drowning of the wife. They had come to Mexico to attend their daughter’s wedding.
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This incident took place in November as well. A Russian politician, Oksana Bobrovskaya, 30 years old and her husband died due to a bomb explosion in their car while they were having sex. According to Telegraph UK, this was indicated by the retrieval of their partially naked bodies from the crime scene.

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In November, Shakoor Arline, 25, and Lisa Smith, 32 were making love in an SUV in Philadelphia, when they were shot dead. Their death was termed as a “crime of passion”. Both of them were supposedly cheating. Nine bullets were shot at them, and their bodies were found in a partially nude condition by the police.

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In December, a Portuguese woman, 91 years old was discovered dead, nude below her waist along with a sex toy in her hand. Investigations later discovered that extensive damage to the genitals led to her death, while she was in a sex game with her neighbour, who is a 49 year old married man.

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