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THIS WORKS: Get Rid of Stretch Marks NOW

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Stretch marks are streaks or stripes forming on the surface of the skin. These are mostly common on the abdomen, but are also found on upper arms, thighs, buttocks and breasts.

These stretch marks are mainly caused by the constant stretching and relaxing of the skin tissue. These mostly form during pregnancy, but can also occur during rapid gain or loss of weight, tension, and genetic factors.

Stretch marks can make you feel uncomfortable and decrease your confidence levels. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of these stretch marks completely.

1. Verified Topical Options

Use a moisturizer daily; they help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin, which prevents formation of stretch marks in the first place.A combination of glycolic acid and Retin-A is also helpful.

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2. Non-verified Topical Options

There are also several other topical options such as lavender, rose, and other similar substances which are known to reduce marks. These are not verified, but they usually work extremely well for people who have used them before.

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3. Vitamin C Supplements

In today’s world, one can find supplements for almost anything. Stretch marks are no exception. Vitamin C is used to remove these marks.Vitamin C is necessary to keep our skin healthy. It helps in the renewal of connective tissue, which is responsible for removing stretch marks.

Doctors suggest a daily intake of at least 500mg of Vitamin C. This can be easily achieved with the help of Vitamin C supplements.

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4. Laser treatments

Laser treatments have proven to be effective in reducing stretch marks. There are two different laser treatments – one for recent marks, and another for older marks. However, these treatments are extremely costly – they can range from $450 to almost $1000 per session and usually one requires three sessions on an average.

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5. Surgery

One should consider surgery only as a last option. These treatments do work, but are even more costly than laser treatments. Also remember that there are risks involved, as is the case with any other surgery.

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By the way, remember not to get fooled by some of the stupid methods one can find on the Internet such as cocoa butter!

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