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Moms Who Are Too Darn Funny

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1. She said “damn” in front of Santa. This is what happened

2. When you think they got something right in the world of technology, they prove you wrong almost immediately:

3. When they find out about something “new”, they use it like it’s going out of style:

4. Moms know how to have fun when they go on vacation…like this mom who sent this picture of her and a drug dealer in Jamaica to her kid

5. This mom who prefaced her text with “Dude”. Absolutely rad

6. The struggle is so real sometimes when it comes to moms and tech

7. There’s never a dull moment with mom

8. Moms tell it how it is…and it can be gross as hell

9. And they even use their momness to their advantage in order to gross you the hell out

10. And when autocorrect mistakenly corrects them, it’s even funnier

11. Moms never seem to give you the benefit of the doubt: Note: that contact name is on point

12. They even get the selfie game down…and do it better than their kids

13. And they make their pets suffer with weird outfits like they did with their children when they were young

14. Moms have learned not to beat around the bush…

15. I told you…moms have learned to be brutally honest and it’s awesome. This is a gift of goodies a mom sent to her son…remember, mom is always right

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