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Top 5 Homemade Decorations During Christmas

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Christmas is not too far away, hence, one should start decorating their houses before their family and relatives arrive.Finding out cheap ways to decorate the house is always an added bonus. Check out below for a few ideas about homemade decorations which look lovely yet are cheap and take little effort to create.

  1. String Christmas Tree

A string Christmas tree is extremely cheap and easy to build, but looks beautiful as a homemade decoration during Christmas. Follow the procedure given below to make one for your home

Cover a foam cone entirely with cling film. Make sure that the cone is completely covered with the film, which will make it easier later to remove the cone.


Take a few pins and stick them to the cone at random places, so that the entire cone is more or less covered with pins.


Next, take white wool and dip it into a mixture of glue and water. Finally, wrap that wool around the film by placing them around the pins. Note that the entire cone should be covered with the wool.


After the glue has set, take out the pins and remove the wool tree from the cone.


Voila! You have made a stunning string Christmas tree! If you want to decorate it even further, you can add a few beads here and there around the wool tree.

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  1. Glitter Pinecones

To make a glitter pinecone, follow the steps below-

You will need a pinecone, paint (any colour you want), glitter and gloves.

Paint the entire pinecone with the paint. Remember to wear gloves the entire time.





Finally when the entire pine cone is painted, and the paint hasn’t yet dried up, apply the glitter all over it. The glitter will stick to the wet paint and won’t fall off.




Wait for a few minutes for the paint to set.

There you go, your homemade glitter pine cones are ready!
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  1. Doily Basket


Take a mixture of glue and water in a bowl, and dip a doily in it. Squeeze it to leave out the excess.


Take a bowl, cover it with film and then wrap the soaked doily around the bowl.


Once the glue has dried, remove the bowl and your doily basket is ready.


You can add a few candles in it for better decoration.[adinserter block=”16″]

  1. Santa Hats


Take a cone and wrap masking tape around bottom of that cone or see Cap Wholesalers here for cheaper buying options.

Paint the cone in red (Santa’s hats should be red, right?) and while the paint is still wet, apply glitter all over.

Remove the tape from the bottom portion and then sprinkle glitter on that portion as well.



You can also make a sort of belt using black ribbon, and glitter. Then wrap it around the cone to produce a beautiful Santa’s hat.


You can watch full video tutorial in next page.

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