Sunday, September 24, 2023

Stupid Reasons Why People Rushed To The Emergency Room

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1. So much blood!

This is probably the stupidest reason. “A lot of blood came out. I am scared” Obviously blood came out. Don’t you know anything about the menstrual cycle?

Even more disturbing is the fact that their parents haven’t informed their daughter about periods. In fact, sometimes they have no idea what is happening. “She is in a lot of pain. Will my daughter be okay?” once asked one of the moms. Lady, have you never heard about periods?


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2. Imaginary P00p Problems

This one is probably the most disgusting excuse to visit the hospital. Most of them have the following problem – “I have a tendency to poop soon after our meal. There is something horribly wrong with my bowels”.

Yes, there is a problem. Stop eating excessively spicy things.


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3. Bumpy Tongue

Do you know what a tongue scraper is? Apparently, lots of people haven’t heard about it.

A patient came to a hospital stating that he has a problem with his tongue. After a few minutes, the doctor realised that those were the excess taste buds giving his tongue a “bumpy” feeling.


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4. The Imaginary Heart Attack

Internet can often increase your knowledge, and can also make you …… dumb. Recently, a patient came complaining that he is having a heart attack. He was immediately taken to the emergency room, where the doctor realised that he was perfectly fine.

Upon asking him what made him think so, he replied that his left arm was in pain.The doctor asked if he goes to a gym, to which he replied in the affirmative.

“Did you work out the left arm more?”


“You know, thatcan cause pain in your arms too.”


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5. Ebola scare

This is one of the recent ones. After people came to know how deadly this virus was, they started panicking. Let me tell you some of the reasons why patients think they have Ebola

“I sat next to an African guy on the bus.”

“I had to go to the airport today, where people were constantly coughing.”

“There was a dead bird in my garden.”

“I definitely have Ebola. I can feel it.”

There is only one answer to these – “No one, and I repeat, NO ONE in Michigan has been infected.”


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6.Condom Breaks

This one was the funniest of the lot. Condoms are extremely elastic but sometimes, they too can break. And this is the reason why a couple once visited a hospital. The woman seemed tensed and was profusely sweating. Her husband gave the reason – “The condom broke. She is extremely worried”.


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7. My Vag!na Looks Weird

This one is the weirdest of the lot. Every man and woman should know a bit about their private parts. Otherwise, you might be shocked when you see them after a long time.

Something similar happened recently. A woman came to the hospital because there was something wrong with her vagina. After a “thorough” examination, the doctor realized that she was so obese that she hadn’t looked at her vagina in a long time. “It was her labia”, was the diagnosis.


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