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Creepiest Websites On The Internet

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1. Plane Crash Recordings

As the name suggests, this website lists all the plane crash events that have occurred since the invention of airplanes. This website doesn’t sound so scary, but one particular section of the website is definitely creepy. It lists the last audio records of the people in the planes just before they crashed. You can get your own website online with the help from wordpress hosting from knownhost.

One can hear MP3 recordings as well find transcripts here, and these are really horrifying. So, it is suggested for the readers to stay away if you are faint-hearted.

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2. Staggering Beauty

At first, when you load this site, you will notice a black worm, which is following your mouse cursor. It just follows the mouse and occasionally blinks.

Now, if you start moving your mouse randomly very fast, suddenly there appears flashing lights in the background, music and light seems to emanate from the worm. After you have stopped moving the mouse, the chaos stops too after a while.

Please note that those who suffer from epilepsy should not visit this site.

Check it at –

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3. Zombo

This is a rather creepy yet interesting at the same time. Basically, a circle of colours keeps on spinning in the middle of the website, while you continuously keep on hearing the words – “This is Zombocom. You can do anything here”.

Check it at –

4. Creepypasta

This is a site dedicated to listing creepy stories from all over the world. You can submit your own posts as well.

Some of the posts are obviously made up, but quite a few are true, and are rather disturbing. So visit the site at your own risk.

Link –

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5. Death Date Calculator

There are quite a few death date calculators present in the internet. This one is no different. You need to enter a few details such as age, ethnicity, relationship status etc.

It then displays how you will die and when you will die. However, there is small surprise which might be a bit shocking for some people. So please don’t visit this site if you are faint-hearted.

Find out more at –

6. Skyway Bridge Jumpers

A website whose sole purpose is to display the number of suicides attempted (both successful and failures included) on Skyway Bridge in the west coast of Florida. According to the website, it is in the top of the list of suicide points in east of California.

Check it out at –

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7. RateMyPoo

This website asks its visitors to rate pictures of others’ p00, and you can submit pictures too. This is more disgusting than creepy.

Link –

8. Divine Interventions

There are several websites selling s3toys online, but this is probably the only one with religious themed s3xtoys. Just to give an example, they have a product called Bible Thumper.

And don’t visit this site unless you are an adult.

Check it at –

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9. Simulating Universe

This website tells us that maybe the entire universe is a simulation. Believe it or not, scientists actually think this might be true. If you have ever played the Sims video game, you will know what we are talking about.

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10. Death Row

A website which shows the last statements made by prisoners before they are sentenced to life. This gives an insight into what goes on in their minds during the last minutes of their lives.

Know more at –

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