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10 Paintings Which Will Blow Your Mind

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Robert Gonsalves, the Canadian artist has is popular for creating brilliant optical illusions in his paintings, hence he is aptly known as the king of optical illusions. He merges two paintings into one in such a way that they resemble a single painting.In this way, two stories become a single one, and your brain is compelled to continuously switch between the two. Check out 10 Paintings Which Will Blow Your Mind

1. A Beautiful Moon

This is a brilliant piece of work. Can you find out the boundary between the trees and space? Well, I can’t, for sure. “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” – this is a famous quote made by Pablo Picasso. This art shows that he was definitely correct.

2. A Lake Or A Girl?

Are those girls? Or is it a lake? Also are those girls emerging from under the lake? Just enjoy this beauty for a moment.

3. A Puzzle Or Living Room?

Can you guess whether this is a single child building a puzzle or whether it is another completely real world? It seems as if that child is sad and just going on building the puzzle. On the other hand, the puzzle seems to be a gateway to another completely real world, where everyone is just happy. Which one is true completely depends upon your imagination.

4. A Human Bridge?

Once again, this painting is a merging of two paintings. But when do the bridges start turning into people? Or is it possible that the entire bridge is made up of people? Maybe as time passes, the people start turning into stone, life turning into cold hard stone, resembling death maybe. As I said earlier, it’sup to you how you want to interpret it.

5. Air, Sea or Beach?

So what do you think – are those clouds or waves? Is it a ship sailing or are they all kites? Don’t think about it too much.

6. A City Tree?

So is it a city, or is it just two kids playing with building blocks? Maybe it’s just a figment of their imagination? Or maybe there is a city across the sea, where there are actual skyscrapers? Well, you can never really know for sure.

7. Bed Or Air View?

Is that a toy airplane on the kid’s bed which she is playing with? Or is an actual plane? And is the child flying somehow, or just playing on her bed? What do you think?

8. A Waterfall Of People ?

Is the water made of people? Or is it just our imagination?

9. Trees Or A Street?

Are these children cycling on tree? Or on the road? Is it real?

10. A Bridge Of Boats?

This piece of art is mindboggling. Is it a bridge made of boats? Obviously that sounds absurd, but it sure looks like that. Who knows what it really is.
I hope you can appreciate the immense hard work and time the artist invested in creating all these brilliant pieces of art.

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