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15 Survival Hacks You Will Be Glad You Learned When The Apocalypse Arrives

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1. Corn chips like Doritos and Fritos have enough oil to make them suitable tinder for starting fires

2. If you come across an area that’s burning, use a bra as a makeshift breathing mask.

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3. If you need to start a fire, a 9-volt battery held to a ball of steel wool will cause sparks to fly

4. Even in the apocalyptic wasteland, jars can be hard to open. Use a piece of duct tape for leverage

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5. Duct tape will also protect your heels from blisters on those long walks across the burnt-out husk of civilization.

6. Place sheets of plastic over grass and other plants to trap and drain condensation into a container.

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7. Punch a hole in the top of an oil-packed tuna can, put in a wick, and you’ve got an improvised candle that can burn for up to two hours. Plus, the tuna will still be good to eat after!

8. Crayons can make pretty good candles, too, providing you with about 30 minutes of light.

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9. A foil wrapper and the current from an AA battery can also produce a flame in a pinch.

10. Take two tin cans, some tinder, and you’ve got yourself a miniature stove!

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11. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking in the post-apocalypse. Better collect a few good walking sticks.

12. A bunch of wood held together by a tarp can serve as an emergency raft.

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13 Some paper towels and duct tape can set a broken bone when nothing else is available.

14. A salt water mixture is essential for cleaning cuts and soothing bug bites.

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