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These Unlucky People Totally Forgot Reflections Exist

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Mirrors are funny some times. Please be aware of such situation when you are taking selfies next time. Otherwise it will make you a troll instead of a star. Here are some unfortunate experiences of some people who took pictures thinking no one will realize the actual situation but the reflection caught them red handed .

What’s that pink thing ? Lol

This cat

Traffic Woooooo !!

That As5 !!

It even took me a while to spot it. Can’t blame me.

Forever Alone

That Man !!

He is good in photoshop, But he forgot the mirror.

See, mirrorĀ never lies !

He got beautiful legs !

This TV !

Watching Ponr Hun ?

That man and his expression !

That head !

He didn’t know we are watching lol

This traffic ugh !

Lmao !

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