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The Worst 16 Corporate Logo Fails Ever

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1. If this doesn’t look like a woman’s naked body to you immediately, than you’re too innocent.

2. It’s supposed to be a rising sun behind a building…

3. The reason punctuation and spacing is important, kids.

4. You most definitely see it.

5. Vermont Maple Syrup

6. A-Style

7. 2012 Olympics

8. Kindergarten logo

9. Fire prevention products

10. What is Mama using to bake?!

11. I would be worried about going under with this dental clinic.

12. This logo took me a while… If you tilt your head to the left and look at it for a while…it looks like a man playing with himself.

13. The right tools for the right job.

14. So thaaaat’s how lemonade is made.

15. This sausage company could’ve gotten a bit more creative.

16. That logo makes me not want to go there for surgery. I like my limbs where they are.

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