Saturday, June 22, 2024

Texts You Never Want To Receive From Your Daughter

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It’s always nice to get a text from your daughter. Especially when she is not near you. But imagine if her text is like one of these? OMG ! I can’t even think about it.


Check who you’re texting![adinserter block=”16″]

#2 Two hours??

That must be a record.[adinserter block=”16″]

#3 Please don’t fight with Mike.

He does awful things when he’s angry.[adinserter block=”16″]


Check who you’re texting, I said![adinserter block=”16″]

#5 Our pregnant little daughter.

[adinserter block=”16″]

#6 You what??

Please check what you write![adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

#7 From dad.

You wouldn’t want to get this from dad either![adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”last page”]

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