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He Noticed Something Growing On His Wife’s Hand, And What Happened Will Make You Sick

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We all know some very rare diseases but sometimes, unfortunately we also become the victim of such diseases. These terrifying and obscure diseases are very rare and you have to be too unlucky to get them. These happened to the Redditor gullibletrout and his wife. They had a very hard time in 2010 when the wife got this scary disease.

Something started growing in her hand in 2010.

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These mysterious black spots were growing slowly.

They started popping out!
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And then, they started spreading in other parts of hand too.

In the beginning, they were looking like blood blisters.
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The couple even tried to use wart remover to fall them off.

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Then finally the couple decided to visit a plastic surgeon.

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Doctor immediately game them medicines to stop the growth.

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After the procedure, her hands were something like this.

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These spots were pyogenic granuloma as per the physician. These may be caused due to irritation, physical trauma, or hormonal imbalances. She got these spots because of changing birth control pills again and again. They were harmless, and that was the best part!
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