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16 Hilarious Text Responses From Mom

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16 Hilarious Text Responses From Mom

This mom who feels the need to introduce herself with every text

The disappearing text act is best performed by mom

The “I don’t know that lower case text messaging exists” mom

The mom who mistakenly reveals too much information

The hot, competitive mom

The mom who abuses 911

The ghost text messaging mother

The mom with the weird emoticons

The mom who has blonde moments

The mom who is always trying to play matchmaker

The mom who asks 1001 questions at the worst times

The mom who misspells go

The mom who thinks she made a cute new emoticon only to fail to realize it looks exactly like a…

The mom who keeps misplacing her masturbator

The mom who’s a massive jokester

The mom who knows her kid has a way with…wait, what?

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