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Top 7 Horror Movies to Watch on a Date

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Do you want to watch such a horror movie that will remain in your memory for a long time? And what if after watching it, the famous “7 days are left…” will be said to you from your phone? If you are brave, then we found the top 7 horror films, which are sure to bring to the limit of stress. And if you are dating a sociopath and don’t go to the movie theaters, you can watch these films together at home. You can always be a hero in the eyes of a girl and protect her from any monster! But try to scare her a little while assuring in advance that she will be fine. After all, she should understand that is near a knight who would defeat anyone for the sake of the princess. So, offer your girl to watch these films to tickle her nerves.

1. Insidious, 2010

A classic story about moving a family to a new home opens the list. Immediately after the moving, strange things begin to happen in the house: objects start moving, and strange sounds are heard from distant parts of the house. Soon the ten-year-old son falls into a coma and gets into the underworld.

2. Ringu, 1998

A young female reporter is investigating a mysterious superstition about a deadly videotape. In the house of the one who watches it, at first a strange phone call is heard, and a little later, a person is found dead. After her niece dies the same death, the reporter decides to take up the investigation, and she watches the ill-fated videotape. And a little later the bell rang in her apartment.

3. The Others, 2001

Grace’s children suffer from a strange disease: they can’t live under direct daylight. When three new servants appear in the house, they must learn the vital rule: all rooms must always stay dark, and they can’t open the door until the previous one is locked. The strict order established by Grace will be challenged, and the children and those around them will take a decisive, fatal step.

4. It, 2017

This is the new film adaptation of the novel by Stephen King. Every 27 years, in the town of Derry, children disappear. A few brave kids decide to figure out what’s going on. They will have to face their greatest fears and overcome them to defeat the evil clown who is behind all this.

5. Darkness, 2002

Three weeks ago, just before a solar eclipse, Regina and her family moved to a charming, old mansion in a remote Spanish countryside. And they wanted to live happily, but day after day, a strange force affected the new residents. And Regina is the only brave enough person who decided to find out the nature of this terrible force. However, all the answers lie deep in the walls of the house: something ancient, terrifying, and hungry is hidden in the dark. This is a really scary movie that doesn’t have an abundance of blood but has the gloomy atmosphere and tense moments. According to the audience reviews, Darkness is perfect for watching together.

6. The Hills Have Eyes, 2006

The story of how a harmless trip can turn into a nightmare. The Carter family drove into the mysterious nuclear zone and fell into the trap of bloodthirsty mutants. This is one of the most shocking horror films, and it is better to refrain from watching if you don’t like the bloody mess.

7. REC, 2009

This is the horror film that is shot in the found footage subgenre. In the apartment building where a terrible virus obsessed with the thirst for the flesh of animals and people lives, the heavily armed commandos penetrate. A mysterious man nicknamed Doctor comes together with them. What they find inside the house is beyond the scope of medical science. This demonic nightmare is worse than even experienced Special Forces can imagine. Are you intrigued? Watch what was next!

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