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8 Of The Weirdest Facts About Russia That Are Hard To Believe

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Russia is always a mystery for us. Here are some lesser known facts about Russia that will make us think.

In an event named Bubble Baba, Russians use inflatable s3xdolls to swim down the Vuoska Rapids!

Their addiction to Vodka is famous. Some Russian school teachers are even paid in vodka, just because of their addiction to the holy water!

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Russian likes it to be clean. They aren’t allowed to drive a dirty car. It is a serious crime!

The mayor of Megion, in western Siberia, banned ‘making excuses’ in the town. Someone please bring this ban in US too!

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Russians get a day off every year on 12th September to go intimate with their mates. Moreover, there are special rewards for the ladies who deliver their baby after nine months. Insane!

In Russia, you are simply not allowed to talk about gay people to your children. Russians are so liberal!

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Russians are known to drink 4.8 gallons of alcohol per year on an average. For a reference, the amount is just double of what doctors consider harmful for human consumption.

Want to dine at the world’s largest McDonald’s? Then you have to visit Moscow! The restaurant can serve more than 700 people at any particular time.

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