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Lemon Challenge: Drink a Glass of Water with Lemon for 28 Days and You Will Experience Tremendous Changes

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Danet May, the American woman who fighting for a better healthy life style, recently posted this challenge in Youtube. She challenged everyone through her video to join her in her latest experiment.
It’s a Lemon challenge. She asks everyone to drink a glass of water with lemon everyday for 28 days. and she says it will bring amazing results.
Lemon is good for health. It has power to clean toxins from our body as well as it is good for metabolism.
When you mix lemon with water, it helps to raise our body pH to alkaline.
Danet claims that if you take this challenge and make this a usual practice,your body will not have time to retain toxins.
It also helps to reduce body weight, since it boost your metabolism, there would be no fluid retention in body.That will help to drop weight.
One thing you should be careful is that, water should not be cold, you can either use hot water or room-temperature water.

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