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Here Are 17 Reasons Kids From The 80s Are Tougher Than Kids Today. #15 Brought Back Memories

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When we were kids, grown-ups used to let us know how much harder they were and how we have it too simple. That discussion is occurring once more, however it is us 80’s children saying that in regards to the new, more secure, politically right, bubble-wrapped generation of kids. Check out 20 cases that demonstrate how intense we were versus today’s children and how much fun our life was as kids in 80s. I guess kids in new generation are missing real life like those days

# 1

Children played with Lawn darts even without grown-up supervision

# 2

Playing with firecrackers was fun, as well as encouraged.

# 3

Breaking something and getting a cast wasn’t a reason for a parental freakout, yet a symbol of honor.

# 4

Play areas were not made of plastic with “perilous” things like merry-go-rounds removed. We went down metal slides that were sufficiently hot to rankle you.

# 5

Children bravely (and lawfully) rode in the backs of pickup trucks everywhere.

# 6

Children rode in the front seats of cars without any stresses of getting caught and no seat belts either.

# 7

Children would play outside without steady supervision.

# 8

Sunburns weren’t viewed as dangerous, and children had a fabulous time peeling the skin off.

# 9

Children used to appreciate cycling as opposed to surfing the web.

# 10

Second-hand smoke? Normal and most likely came from parents.

# 11

Children would cook on the stove independent from anyone else, even home alone.

# 12

No buckling up in the backseat of the car. It was play time, pure and simple.

# 13

It was likely that your mom is smoking when she conveying you in her womb.

# 14

Children would return home from school, break out their key, open the door, and just go in and find something to eat or get their work done, without their guardians being charged for it.

# 15

Elder children would take care their younger siblings while their guardians wer away

# 16

There was no such thing as play-dates. There was unstructured, unsupervised time when children played together only on the grounds that, as opposed to it being made.

# 17

Youngster smoking was cool as opposed to net. Not to say it was correct, but rather that is the manner by which it was in the 80’s.

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