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15 Youngest Parents In The World

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Children are like flowers. They should be nurtured and fostered properly; otherwise a wrong thing may happen anytime. We can’t expect a child become the parent of a child. It is beyond our imagination. Sometimes it may happen by two children’s own choice or sometimes by meanness of a third person and sometimes the third person may be the child’s close relatives. It is really shocking to know this truth. But it is worth noting to know what is happening around the World. I know, you will also get shocked after reading this. Here is the list of 15 young parents. So, let’s go through one by one.

#15 The Youngest Mother


As per record, the World’s youngest mother was only 5 years old from Peru. Her parents though that she had a large tumor in her stomach. But, after taken to hospital, the Doctors found out that she was pregnant! The girl’s father was jailed briefly as he was suspected to be the abuser. However, he was released as no evidence was found to indicate him at the act. The baby’s father, to this day, remains a mystery. Doctors suspected that the early pregnancy was due to pituitary disorder that triggered early ovulation.

#14 A Shocking Event


In 1934, in what is now Ukraine, a young girl was admitted to the hospital by her concerned parents. They were shocked to know that their 5-year-old was pregnant. She gave birth shortly after her sixth birthday. After questioning the girl, it was found out that the rapist was her own 70-year-old grandfather. The girl survived. But, the baby died during the childbirth. It is believed that after the incident, the family moved to Russia. Even more unbelievably they took the grandfather with them.[adinserter block=”16″]

#13 An Unexpected Surprise


A mom in Singapore who brought her 9-year-old to the Doctor as she thought that the girl had a bad urinary tract infection. After tests, the Doctor found out that the little girl was pregnant. The girl had a relationship with a boy in school. The boy’s exact age is unclear, but he was probably roughly around the same age as the girl, give or take a few years. During their relationship, she would take him at home. As her parents were in their jobs, they didn’t realize what their child was doing! The girl gave birth to a baby boy, who was given up for adoption not long after childbirth.

#12 Child Trafficking


Child Trafficking and prostitution have become major problems globally. Unfortunately, some children in the trade get pregnant. While the statistics of these remains largely undocumented, one famous case is of a girl in Iran who got gave birth at 9 years of age. Her mother had started selling her to men at 8-years old. She gave birth again at the age of 14 to twins. Even the man she later married sold her off for sex. A good chunk of the money went to the purchase of illegal drugs for the family. Soon, the girl was caught by authorities. She was given a death sentence as, at the time, there was an unfair rule of the victim being just as guilty as the perpetrator. However, one of Iran’s most famous lawyers and activists defended her case. Along with public demonstrations by human rights activists in and outside Iran, the girl’s sentence was reduced.[adinserter block=”16″]

#11 A Tragic Event and Death


The little body of a girl child is not prepared and built for pregnancy and childbirth. Some girls needed to have c-sections in order to deliver safely. But, some girls don’t get the proper medical services. A very old medical journal has a small note on a pregnant 8-year-old in India. The girl was the daughter of a widow who had many children and could not afford to keep them all. The widow received an offer of marriage for the young girl. She thought that the girl would have a better life with a husband, and even be less vulnerable to abuse and crime, the widow agreed to this arrangement. However, the girl became pregnant at a tender age in which carrying a child isn’t exactly safe. The 8-year-old and her child died during childbirth, an event for which the husband was not present. Really a tragic event!

#10 The Suspected Smuggler


In 2004 Colombia, policemen found an 8-year-old girl wandering the streets with a bulging belly. Thinking that she was carrying drugs they took her into custody. Upon finding out that the bulge was not because of drugs, however, they took her to the hospital where they found out that she was 32 weeks pregnant!
The girl was raped by a 32-year-old man, who was known to both the mother and the child, who worked at a nearby drug store. The girl said that she had gone to the store, as her mother was sick and needed medicine. It was then that the man took advantage of her. The man was arrested but since the police could not find any solid evidence against him (i.e. he was not “caught in the act”), he was later released.
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#9 A Tragic Story of a Little Angel


In 1957 Peru, a young girl dressed up as an angel for her third-grade school play. Yet, in the months that followed, her mother began to notice something odd about the 8-year-old. The little one was taken to the doctor, who was equally shocked to learn that she was pregnant. It turns out that the girl was raped by her 22-year-old cousin, who was orphaned and had since lived with the girl and her parents in their small house. Upon learning of this, the girl’s father immediately went to the police to have the offending cousin arrested. The 8-year-old gave birth to a slightly premature baby girl a few months later. According to documentation of the childbirth, the little one had a normal five-hour labor but no pain medication.

#8 Marriage in a Too Young Age


In 2001, a 9-year-old girl in Thailand gave birth to a baby girl. As anyone can imagine, this caused quite a shock in the Thai community. Officials found out when the girl’s husband applied for a birth certificate. Naturally, they couldn’t believe that a nine-year-old had given birth, as they had never seen it before. So they did what any of us would do and went over to the hospital and checked for themselves. There, they found out that the girl was, indeed, nine. She was married at 8-years old.The parents had arranged the girl’s marriage, an act which, under Thai law, made the marriage legal, despite the girl’s age. Arranged marriage has gradually fallen out of practice in Thailand, although some still do practice it. This particular girl was betrothed to a man seventeen years her senior! The girl’s own father was just one year older than her new husband.[adinserter block=”16″]

#7 Unbelievable Story


In Bolivia, a ten-year-old girl gave birth to a baby girl through c-section. When probed, she claimed that she was raped by an older man. Authorities looked for the perpetrator but couldn’t find him. Just a little more than a year later, the doctors discovered that the girl was pregnant yet again. This time, she claimed that the father was yet another man who she called “Armando.” This Armando, however, could not be traced. After giving birth, however, the girl disappeared. It was only afterward that the girl’s mother confessed that the father of the children was her own husband, the girl’s father. He had been raping the girl since she was eight years old. It is believed that the father had taken the girl and his other children, afraid that the authorities might learn the truth. With them is the girl’s oldest child, who is two years old. The younger child, however, was taken into social welfare services.

#6 A Girl and Her Cousin


A ten-year-old Romanian girl made headlines in 2010 when she gave birth to a baby girl. The father of the child was her own thirteen-year-old cousin. The two children were left with their grandmother, as their own parents had to be away for work. Lonely and motherless, the pair apparently took comfort in each other. Apparently they did quite a lot of things under the nose of their unsuspecting grandmother. Just before childbirth, the pair broke up and the girl’s mother brought her to Spain, where they lived with friends and relatives.[adinserter block=”16″]

#5 Findings of a Teacher


In 1964 Chicago, where a 10-year-old became the youngest mother documented in the state. Apparently, a teacher at the girl’s school noticed changes in that girl. She was soon admitted to the hospital, where the Doctor’s discovered that she was pregnant. The girl admitted that the father was a 16-year-old boy living in the same neighborhood. As the girl’s body could not accommodate a normal delivery, the baby girl came out through c-section; the baby was taken to an orphanage soon after she was born.

#4 An Unknown Event


We can’t imagine these incidents. But, they are bitter truth. In Argentina, after complaining of severe stomach pains, a 10-year-old girl was brought by her mother to a hospital. Initially, the doctors were at a loss as to what was causing the pain, as well as the apparent swelling. After an ultrasound, however, they quickly realized that the girl was already 26 weeks pregnant! Upon investigation, they found out that the girl was raped by a 15-year-old cousin. In May, the girl gave birth by c-section at 35 weeks. The premature baby girl had to be placed in the NICU for a while, as her lungs were not yet mature at the time of birth. Both the young mother and the baby made a full recovery. The perpetrator of the rape was later caught and imprisoned.[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

#3 The Culprit Father


Seriously, what incidents are taking place all around? It’s the beyond imagination! In the Philippines, a 10-year-old girl was documented to have given birth to her father’s own child. It turns out that the little one was raped by her own father. It turned out that her father, at the time, was unemployed and frequently drunk. Her mother, who was the breadwinner, was out working for most of the day and had no idea what was happening. After the father surrendered himself to the police, the confused mother even hoped that the girl would not pursue a court case against him. The ten-year-old, however, persevered, knowing that she had been wronged. The girl’s baby has since been given up for adoption. In the meantime, the very young mother herself was put under the care of the local social welfare department, seeing as her own parents were hardly fit to raise her.

#2 Mom of Two


Also from the UK, the youngest mother of two gave birth at thirteen years old and then again at fourteen years old. Her story is quite sad. She was shy and frequently bullied by neighbors and classmates alike. Because she was suffering so much at the hands of other children, she sought comfort in her boyfriend. However, she soon became pregnant, when her mom found out about the pregnancy; she pulled her out of school and tutored her at home. She soon gave birth to a young baby boy. A year later, however, the girl and her boyfriend conceived again. She gave birth to another baby boy. She and her boyfriend are no longer together, and it’s been a struggle for her and her mother to raise the kids. [adinserter block=”16″]

#1 Proud British Parents


In 2014, a young couple in the UK became proud parents of a bouncing baby girl. Well, mom was 12 and dad was 13 when the little one came into their lives. They say that she was conceived when mom was around 11 years old. The pair had been dating for about a year. While this revelation was apparently shocking, even heartbreaking, for the couple’s parents, they’ve since accepted the situation. The young mom’s father has since gone on interview, telling his story, mostly to correct all the nasty rumors flying around. One thing that he said helped him accept the situation is the fact that things could have been worse. A grandchild at an early age is better, after all, than a child doing drugs, according to him. And the pair seem happy, at least compared to the other young’uns in this list. [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”last page”]

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