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Awkward And Embarrassing Celebrity Tweets That Had To Be Deleted

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Sometimes celebrities post dumb things on social media. These big names posted these humiliating tweets and after that immediately realized they committed a mistake. Shockingly for them, the harm had already been done.Check them out and share with your friends as well :)

Charlie posted a blistering tweet about Denise but deleted it later.

Rob Kardashian calls out Rita for cheating.

Jason received a big backlash when he made fun of the Malaysian flight disaster. And sooner deleted the tweets.

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Hayley Williams accidentally posted this naked selfie on her Twitter account and deleted it instantly.

Rita Ora once posted this. Unfortunately, she gained less than 2,000 retweets and deleted the tweet next day. Later she posted “When it’s ready we will drop music!”

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Mary had to delete her misspelled tweet right after posting.

Hulk posted his daughter’s tempting photo with the caption *Brooke’s legs*

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Kim Kardashian’s tweets during the Israel-Hamas created huge anger among her fans.

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Susan created a hashtag #susanalbumparty to promote her new album. But it fell in controversy as people marked it “Su’s Anal Bum Party”. Her team had to remove it later.

Russell Brand tweeted Katy Perry’s photo wishing her good luck for her performance. The post with her photo without makeup made Katy quite upset. Later Russell deleted the post.

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Bow Wow posted his DUI and deleted it next day as he felt embarrassed about it.

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