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This is how you can turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram projector

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3D hologram projectors are really amazing. They may appear to be extremely perplexing innovation and they truly are. Still you can make one in your home with simple technique. Yeah you read it right, Here is the method to make a 3D hologram projector easily from home with some waste materials. YouTube tech reviewer ‘Mrwhosetheboss’ will teach you how to make it easily from the things that available with you. Raw materials you need are, a smart phone, graph paper, a pair of scissors, a pen, some tape, a knife or glass cutter, a ruler and an old CD case.

Step 1

First draw a trapezium on the graph paper with dimensions 1cm x 3.5 x 6cm.

Step 2

Cut the shape carefully with scissors. turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram projector

Step 3

Take the old CD case and remove the sides. and clean it

Step 4

Now draw the shape on the CD case

Step 5

Now carefully cut the shape on cd case using a knife or glass cutter. You need to make four such shapes

Step 6

Now stick them together with transparent tape like in the picture.

Step 7

Now place the shape on the screen of smartphone as in the picture. and play any of

Step 8

And yes

Step 9

You done it, Amazing Job. You made something really hilarious with your smartphone. Now watch the video in next page

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