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Beware if you find rubber band at your door. This is what it means

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There was a hard knock at her front door, not a regular knock but almost barging but then she didn’t feel right and did not answer the door as she was all alone. After several such knocks, they finally left. She glanced through the glass of the door and there was a man.

After about half-an-hour, she walked outside to look for what it was and found something really strange at her door. There was a rubber band around the knob of the door to hold the door open.

One day when Kim Fleming was all alone at her home…

When she heard the knock at her door, she felt something was wrong. The sound of the knock was not normal. In fact they were more of a banging than just knocking. The knocks continued for some time. She didn’t yield to the same. She decided she will not open the door.

After sometime, the sound of the knocks waned away. She looked out carefully through the stained. She saw a man standing outside

Approximately thirty minutes later, she walked out of her house to understand what exactly happened. She found something strange on her door. An elastic band was hanging around the knob which was used to pull the door open.
This is what happened to Kim Fleming one day all of a sudden when she was at her house, all alone.

Yes. This is the newest of the many burglary techniques.

All that the burglars need in this technique is a single good quality rubber band. It works like this. The moment you operate the hinge, the knob gets unhinged and the thieves barge in attacking you.

And all they need is an elastic rubber band!

Ensure you never open the door, particularly when you stay alone at home

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