Saturday, September 23, 2023

Wife Has Husband ARRESTED for Talking to Pretty Teen; 4 Days later, Wife Gets Biggest SHOCK Of Her Life

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1. This Is Angela

Meet Angela Voelkert. She is now divorced and was fighting with her husband for getting full custody of her kids. Since she wasn’t able to find any valid argument for that, she decided to choose a different path to achieve this goal.

2. Fake Account

Angela created a fake Facebook profile and then put the name Jessica Studebaker in the account. She also uploaded a picture of a cute female teenager as the profile picture. After that, she sent a friend request to her husband from that account.
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3. She Started Chatting

Her husband accepted the friend request soon, and after that, she started chatting him from the fake account of the teenager.

4. Failed Marriage

However, she was shocked to find that her husband began conversing about their failed marriage. In fact, he asked her if she knew anyone from her school who could “take care of his wife”.He was even willing to pay $10,000 for that! And in case you didn’t understand, by taking care of his wife, he was referring to murdering her.
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Angela was overwhelmed when the conversation took this turn because she knew that she has achieved her goal. She immediately contacted the police to file an affidavit.

6. Twist

But a huge twist awaited Angela. She came to know that David, her husband actually signed an affidavit before he began chatting with the fake account. David was clever enough to realise it was a fake profile, and he obviously had no intentions of murdering her wife, but he was definitely keen on taking revenge.
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7. Finally

David’s main goal was to collect proof to let the court know that her wife is not in her right mind and is delusional. He presented this evidence to the judge, and as expected, the judge took his side. The charges were also dismissed and David didn’t have to go to jail. Even more exciting is the fact, Angela never got that full custody of her children that she was hoping for. So remember having a goal is fine, but don’t try to interfere with other people’s lives to achieve your goals. The end result might prove to be a nightmare for you.
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