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Boyfriend Calls Her a ‘Fat Piece of Garbage,’ She Gets Revenge By Fighting Hard

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#1 Meet Alvina

Meet Alvina Rayne. It was just her abusive relationship that caused her gain the weight that she actually dreaded and forced her to eat food for some comfort while suffering depression. She is even a mother of two!

#2 Never Love You

She turned to food as her sole boyfriend verbally abused her and even called her a “fat piece of garbage” when she actually reached 274 pounds, the heaviest she has ever been. Her boyfriend even told her that she would never ever lose the weight nor would she ever find another man to love her.
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#3 Changed WAys

In the year 2009, she finally knew she had to make a difference in her life for both her and her children. She also knew that her lifestyle of buying men’s clothes just to fit in had to actually change and she did just that.
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#4 Working Towards it

Her reluctance to leave her boyfriend just made matters worse, but eventually, she knew she had to cut him before she could cut any pounds off of her.
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#5 Low-Carb Diet

After finally dumping her boyfriend completely, she made a goal to revamp her entire lifestyle. She did what is called a “low-carb keto diet” She used her ex’s hurtful words as dangerous fuel to power through her diets and workouts.
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#6 130 Pounds Later

She eventually lost almost about 130 pounds! She even documented the progress with a video blog to only inspire others that her achievements are possible for everyone. When her ex’s mom saw her again, she eventually told her ex and he called her up. “I heard you put on some hotness,” he said in a phone call, before he tried to even get back with her.
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#7 Words of Wisdom Have been spoken

She told her that “there wasn’t a chance in the world,” and she held herself to that! She is now married to this man, by the name of Sascha, who treats her just like a loving boyfriend actually does. “I want others to know that they can start their life completely over…you don’t have to stay where you are…it’s so powerful to realize that you are in control of your body and life.” Truer words have never been spoken, Alvina. That is so damn true!
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