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Mom Lets Her 3-Year Old Boy Dress Her For One Week

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It is often hard to tell how good your child’s sense of humor is, unless you let them dress you for a week straight.

Day One: Not a Total Trainwreck

Summer ended up “liking” the outfit, admittedly besides the off-colored shoes. “Like” is a bit too strong for our taste…

Disney Day!

Day two is looking a bit better than day one, we would easily believe that Summer put this outfit together herself.

This Kid is a Future Fashionista

This outfit is new-age casual, and this kid may just have a future as a personal stylist.

Fashion Brings them Closer

Summer and her little boy Rockwell, have found something new to bond over: fashion.

Arrow Fetish

Rockwell apparently is obsessed with arrows, which explains the inspiration behind choosing this outfit.

Bro, Those Shoes Don’t Match

Rockwell does not restrict himself to conventional fashion traditions. You know, concepts like matching.

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