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15 Cruelest Punishments For Rapists All Over The World

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Rape is considered to be the most offensive crime all over the world. Rape victims are many times looked down upon by the orthodox society and they have to go through immense mental torture without any fault. The horrible impact of mental and physical assault ruins the victim’s life.
Governments of different countries all across the world have come up with strong laws against sexual assault to ensure the safety of their citizens and to make sure that the culprits to the heinous crime cannot roam free. So, here are the most brutal punishments for rapists in different countries of the world:

1. China

The leadership of China, meritocratic in nature, punishments the rapists with no less than a death sentence, and in some cases rapists are also severely punished by mutilation of their genitals.

2. Iran

In Iran, a rapist is either shot to death in public or hanged to death. The rapist sometimes, by the permission of the victim, escapes the death penalty by is still liable for life imprisonment or 100 lashes.

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3. Netherlands

In Netherlands, any kind of sexual assault, even a French kiss without the consent of the other person, is considered to be rape. The rapists are imprisoned for 4 to 15 based on their age. While other countries are not at all considered about sexual assault on prostitutes, sexual assault on prostitutes leads to a 4-year life imprisonment in Netherlands.

4. France

A rapist in France is punished with a jail term of 15 years with extreme torture which can even be extended to 30 years or lifetime imprisonment depending on the degree of damage caused to the victim.

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5. North Korea

North Korea, since it is ruled by a fanatic dictator, does not provide any leniency to rapists. The victim gets instant justice as the rapist is shot in the head by a special squad.

6. Russia

The convict in Russia has to serve a jail term of at least 3 years which can also further be extended to up to 30 years depending on the atrocities and harm done by the convict to the victim.

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In Afghanistan, the victim gets justice within four days when the rapist is shot in the head.


Depending on the level of harm to the victim, a rapist in Norway is punished by being detained for 4 to 15 years.

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9.The USA

There is two kind of legal systems in US- federal law and state law. It a rape case falls under federal law jurisdiction, then the rapist is given the sentence of 30 years of imprisonment. State laws for punishment for rape differ from state to state.


After the Anti- Rape bill passed successfully in 2013, rape punishments in India became stronger and harsher. The rapist is either made to serve a sentence of 14 years of imprisonment or in a very rare case, is hanged to death.

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11.Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, if a person is found guilty of rape, he is executed in public just after a few days of trial. This is one of the most brutal punishments for rape in the world.


A rapist in Egypt is hanged to death in front of the public and scare and warn them of the consequences of the heinous crime.

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A rapist in Israel gets imprisoned for a maximum of 16 years and a minimum of 4 years.


A rapist in UAE is punished by being hanged to death. There isn’t any compensation, a rapist is hanged just within 7 days of the crime.

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A rapist in Greece is punished with incarceration.



So these were the cruelest, brutal and apt punishments for rape in different countries of the world.

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