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7 Reasons Why Do Women Prefer It Without A Condom

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Using contraceptives while having $ex is a very popular discussion. Everyone knows that the most popular option is using a condom, and it is also one of the cheapest options and is easily available. But many women don’t like using it. They prefer hormonal method of contraception or female diaphragm method in place of condoms.
But why do women hate the condom? After all, it is considered to be the cheapest and safest methods of contraception. This article provides 7 reasons as to why women enjoy having $ex without a condom.
Let’s check them out below.

1. It reduces pleasure.

The condom acts as a barrier for Real contact, which prevents skin to skin contact and thus reduces pleasure.

2. Many women don’t prefer the smell of condoms.

Condoms are available in several flavours, and many women don’t prefer that smell.

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3. They are not always effective.

Here is an important fact – condoms are not always safe, and can protect you every time. Hence, it’s natural for women to feel uncomfortable with condoms.

4. They don’t provide protection against all STDs.

It is true that condoms provide protection against diseases such as AIDS along with some other STDs, especially those which can be transmitted via genes, however, it can’t protect you against herpes or warts.
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5. They can cause allergies.

Latex is the primary component of condoms, and since many people are allergic to latex, using condoms can lead to allergies. The symptoms include itching, skin burning sensation and even eczema-like reactions.

6. It ruins the mood.

According to some women, when you have to wait for a few minutes after having f0replay for your partner to put on the condoms, it completely ruins their mood.
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7. It is really annoying to carry them with you all the time you plan to have $ex.

You have to remember every time to take condoms with you if you plan to have $ex. And if you forget bringing those, and are not using any other method of protection, then you probably won’t get to have $ex.
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