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7 Simple Exercises To Tone Those FLABBY Thighs

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There are some parts of our body where fat accumulates faster than on the other parts. While abdomen is the common area where fat accumulates easily making people worry about losing the same, the thigh is the next big concern cause. Fat accumulates on thighs so easily that it becomes almost impossible to get rid of them despite many sincere efforts as well as having varicose veins. But, the happy news is, it is not as tough as one thinks to get legs that are in good shape in a well-toned manner without varicose veins. You may also consider Microphlebectomy Treatment. However, one needs to try harder for this consistently so that the gathering can be amazed at the fabulous legs you can get after those tough workouts.

Before delving into the exercises that tone your thighs to make you wear any tight fitting dress of your choice, remember exercises are not the only way to get perfect thighs. Right diet complements the efforts to lose thigh fat through exercising. Let us look at exercises that are highly effective and easy to do to get those fabulous thighs that are perfectly toned.


1. Squats

Squats are the best option to lose fat accumulated in legs, thighs and hips. There is no better exercise than squat to lose the adamant fat that sticks to the thighs and refuses to leave the same. Squats can be done using a ball available for the purpose.

  • Place the huge ball available for the purpose of doing Squat between a wall and yourself.
  • Standing with your foot firm on the ground, stretch both your legs to your shoulder’s width.
  • Bending your knees slowly make yourself comfortable in a sitting position.
  • Remain in the same position for a few second and then lift yourself up.
  • Repeat these movements for 10 times at a stretch twice.

You will see your thigh fat running away from you as you Squat in a regular manner

2. Plyometric Squats

This is a variation of the basic Squat. Plyometric Squats focus in toning the thigh muscles. Exercise caution while performing this exercise to avoid any possible injury to your muscles.

  • Stand in a balanced position keeping both your feet away from each other to shoulder’s width
  • Reaching the squat position, move your hands very near to your face while your elbows remain near your body.
  • Jump up with both the legs at the same time and get back to the normal squat position quickly.

If you feel any undue pressure on your knees, probably you need to perfect the way you do the Plyometric Squat. Understand the perfect method form a qualified physical trainer before you venture into doing this form of squat
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3. Circle your leg in the air

This not so common exercise may appear fun to do but is really tough when it is performed continuously. The toughness of this exercise makes it burn the fat accumulated in the thigh and back areas

  • Lie down flat on the floor stretching both your hands fully on your sides.
  • Lift one of the legs fully to form a straight angle and make the biggest circle possible in the air with the tip of the leg
  • Do this with the other leg fully stretching the muscles to the maximum possible extent
  • Repeat this alternatively with both the legs for 4 to 5 times each leg.

4. Kick that fat off

Kicking off the fat must be a regular habit every one must practice as a routine. Kicking strengthens the leg muscles melting the fat in the thighs and legs.

  • Kicking can be done in a standing posture balancing with your hands on the wall
  • Ensure your back is erect when you kick either of your legs
  • Lift any of your legs in sideway or up or back to the fullest possible extent
  • When you have stretched your leg in any of the directions fully, hold the position for 3 to 4 seconds and come back to original position
  • Do this with one leg for at least 15 times and then proceed to the other leg

This exercise reduces the fat in the thigh and leg portions toning the same effectively
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5. Walk. Then run. Then Walk again.

This is one of the simple exercises that have really high impact on the things and the complete leg area. Start this walk run walk regime for 15 to 20 minutes initially and then increase the time once when you get used to the same

  • Fix a timing everyday
  • Start walking for the first 5 minutes.
  • Start running and run for the next 5 minutes.
  • Slow down and start walking again.
  • Walk for the next five minutes

This will balance the pressure created on your legs and thighs and melt the excess fat toning them effectively. You may also try biking if you have an electric bicycle. It’s also an effective fat burner, especially if you bike more than 30 minutes a day.

6. Wide Stance Squat

This is again another simple exercise that can be done anywhere and does not require any hardcore gym equipments. This is a highly effective exercise to remove fat accumulated on the thighs and leg portions.

  • Place your hands on your hips
  • Stand on your feet spread to your shoulders width
  • Balance yourself in this position
  • Slowly push yourself down by spreading your knees of the legs alone to form a perfect V shape
  • Hold in the position for 4 to 5 seconds
  • Return to the original standing position slowly
  • Repeat the half squat again
  • Repeating this for 5 to 6 times at a stretch will give you the anticipated results in a quick manner

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7. Leg lifts

Leg lifts are excellent exercises both for the back as well as thighs and legs.

  • Lie down on the floor with your back completely placed on the mat
  • Stretch both your hands by your side fully
  • Slowly lift both your legs to 90 degrees angle
  • Hold on the legs in the air till you are able to
  • Slowly pull them back to place your foot on the mat
  • Repeat this 10 to 12 times at a stretch to get the desired results

While doing this for the first time, it may be difficult to lift both the legs without any support what so ever. Push them up applying pressure on the hands that lie on your side. Slowly you will get used to pushing the legs up without any support

Remember, drinking plenty of water helps push the fluids out in a rapid manner while burning unnecessary fat that get accumulated in the various parts of the body.

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