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Personal Questions That All Girls Want to Ask Guys But They Are Too Shy to

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When you are a girl, you sometimes wonder how the male body is different from the female body. The major differences are the ways in which we handle our toilet duties because the anatomy is completely different in males and females.

However, everyone will admit that asking these questions will be rather embarrassing. Here we present the top 8 questions that girls are dying to ask guys along with their appropriate answers.


1. Does your thing ever touch the water when you sit on the toilet?

When you think about this scenario, it might seem that this is a common occurrence, however, in order for this to happen, guys would need a really long thing. And while every man would prefer a longer one, but unfortunately is it happens very rarely.


2. Do you have a bruised p e n-i s in the morning if you sleep on your stomach?

While morning wo0d is quite normal and occurs frequently, but usually it automatically adjusts if the man sleeps on his stomach. So having a bruised thing due to this is not possible.

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3. Can you pee when you have a hard 0n?

It is really difficult to pee with a hard 0n. While urinating, your thing should be flaccid, or else the urine flow might not be smooth. Also, some males have reported having pain and also a problem in aiming while peeing with a hard on.

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4. Do you play with your balls every day?

You might think playing with balls helps relieve stress, but one wrong move and it can lead to immense pain. Hence, men normally avoid that.

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5. Can your thing break if you try to bend it with a hard-on?

Unfortunately, this is true, and it is known as the penile fracture. It mainly happens when hard p e n-i s tries to bend during $exual interc0urse. It can be immensely painful and requires surgery to get fixed.

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6. Does your hair feel different after having a haircut?

This question probably arises from those jokes about men not finding any difference with their hair after having a haircut. But of course, if someone looks closely, they will definitely find it different.

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7. Can you control your erceti0ns or they happen randomly?

Teenagers aren’t able to control their erceti0ns but once they have crossed that adolescent period, usually men can control their ercetions, meaning they can prevent having a hard-on in public. But it does have a mind of its own too, and sometimes occur randomly.

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8. When you are cleaning that area while taking a shower, do you get a hard-on?

Normally, no we don’t get a hard-on when cleaning that area. However, if that does happen, men can simply rub it off to make it flaccid and continue showering.
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